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Automotive forward lighting is a critical component of auto design and serves numerous purposes to the vehicle operator as well as other drivers and pedestrians. The lighting must provide forward visibility at all times, during any condition. It must provide adequate peripheral illumination of possible off-road hazards, be bright enough to provide driver comfort without distracting oncoming traffic and be an attractive addition to the overall design. Traditional materials have had difficulties withstanding the demands of the road, including environmental impact.


IDI Composite International's thermoset Bulk Molding Compound (BMC) has long been used as a material for companies looking to innovate and improve the design and complex geometries of forward lighting. These time tested materials exhibit high strength to weight ratios, as well as offering anti-fogging performance. Additionally, thermosets offer an excellent surface profile for basecoat adhesion and metalization while improving the overall aesthetics of the molded part. They are dimensionally stable, and maintain their shape during wide temperature fluctuations common in the coating process. In addition, BMC withstands the toughest moisture-rich environments, and is corrosion-resistant – imperative for forward lighting applications.


IDI's thermoset composites can be customized to meet special needs and the exacting tolerances and standards unique to every auto manufacturer. Our 3i Composites Technology Center can work with you to solve your engineering and performance challenges and develop a precise formulation to meet your exact specifications. With inherent dimensional stability, dielectric properties and UL rated materials, it's clear that our moldable BMC is a perfect option for forward lighting.

Automotive Forward Lighting

Automotive Forward Lighting
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