Questions about Thermoset Composites?

Markets - Automotive & Heavy Truck

Interior and Exterior Auto Parts Require the Dimensional Stability of Thermoset Composites

Thermoset Composites for Automotive

Sheet molding compounds (SMC), bulk molding compounds (BMC), and new lines of high performance composites (Ultrium, Fortium, Flamevex and Alluralite) that are manufactured for the most demanding applications are composites offer dimensional stability and high strength. These thermoset materials are used for a wide range of automotive and truck parts, from headlamp housings to under-the-hood electrical and heat-shielding components to exterior body parts and interior structural and cosmetic components. Some specific applications where automotive composites like SMC and BMC are currently being used include:

  • Air deflectors and spoilers
  • Frames for windows/sunroofs
  • Air-intake manifolds
  • Front-end grill opening panels
  • Battery casings and covers
  • Headlamp housings
  • Bumpers and bumper beam
  • Heat shields (engine, transmission)
  • Cylinder head (e.g. valve, rocker, cam) covers
  • Pillars (e.g. 'A' and 'C') and coverings

Thermoset composites for the automotive industry offer a low coefficient of thermal expansion (comparable to steel), excellent dimensional stability, high impact strength, relatively low weight, receptiveness to paint, and other important composite properties. Many of these parts are used where a Class A surface finish is required, as composite materials can endure the required paint and bake cycles of the automotive and heavy truck industry.

Thermosets for Automotive

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