Questions about Thermoset Composites?

Markets - Rapid Transit

The Rapid Transit Market Depends on Thermoset Composites for the Safety and Performance of It's Equipment

Sheet molding compounds (SMC), bulk molding compounds (BMC), and IDI’s new lines of high performance composites (Ultrium, Fortium, Flamevex and Alluralite) that are manufactured for the most demanding applications meet the requirements of the Rapid Transit industry with regard to low smoke generation and low flammability ratings, making them ideal for rapid transit, suburban commuter, and light rail systems' third rail electrical applications. These composite materials offer superior electrical insulation and heat resistance, allowing them to withstand prolonged exposure to the elevated temperatures and high voltage common in transit applications.

Thermoset materials have Comparative Tracking Index (CTI) values exceeding 600 volts and dielectric strength in excess of 15 kv/mm. This, along with their excellent thermal properties, makes SMC and BMC an ideal choice for the insulative needs of the Rapid Transit industry. SMC and BMC thermoset composites for rapid transit are ideal for these applications:

Thermoset compounds are used in end of train units
  • Third rail insulators
  • Third rail canopies
  • Stand-off insulators
  • Contactors
  • Traction motor brush holders

Thermoset Composites for Rapid Transit

Thermoset Compounds for Rapid Transit