Questions about Thermoset Composites?
flamevex flame resistant lightweight composites

Composite Solutions For Electric, Hybrid and New Energy Vehicles

Flame Performance

FLAMEVEX materials are not traditional thermoset composites. Other solutions claim high levels of fire resistance by increasing the thickness of the part, but this adds unnecessary weight. With FLAMEVEX, IDI is advancing SMC to previously unknown fire performance levels without compromising thickness, strength, or moldability.

Working with our OEM and Tier 1 partners, IDI’s FLAMEVEX materials have been used on battery packs which have passed the stringent Chinese Standard GB/T 31467.3 (aka China Bonfire test) tests at thicknesses as low as 2.5 mm (with lower thicknesses in development).

IDI’s FLAMEVEX materials offer a range of flame performance levels that can be tailored to an OEMs requirements. From UL 94 V0 and 5VA to the Bonfire testing levels, we work with customers to identify the flame performance level best suited for their application.

FLAMEVEX SMCs provide the ideal solution for:

  1. Flame Performance

  2. Strength & Stiffness

  3. Light Weighting

  4. Dimensional Stability

  5. Electrical Insulation

All of our STC® Structural Thermoset Composites and SMC & BMC thermoset molding compounds are custom formulated, and are a collaborative result of your performance criteria.