Questions about Thermoset Composites?

Case Study

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Axios Mobile Assets Corp. offers a network of smart and connected assets (pallets, trailers and trucks) which provide a clear view into their clients' system. The rich set of real-­time data they collect offers a clear interactive and historic view into their clients supply chain data that enables quick responses to ever-changing needs. Their pallets must be very strong to withstand the loads they may be required to carry over long periods of time while simultaneously meeting strict flammability standards. Wood was the material of choice for pallet construction, but it is prone to aging, has a tendency to warp in high humidity environments, and may not meet the flammability requirements of certain applications.


IDI Composites International and their 3i Composites Technology Center developed a proprietary Structural Thermoset Composite to make a stronger pallet, that is safer and more durable and lightest in its class. The conversion from wood to composites has allowed Axios to offer a pallet that is phytosanitary, absorbs minimal moisture, is free from mold and insect infestation, is easy to clean with water, is naturally fire retardant, has a very high strength-to-weight ratio, contains no nails, splinters or shards, has a non-slip surface, needs no repair, has a very low incidence of theft, creates revenue generation through carbon credits and carbon accrual and reduces carbon footprint. The pallets are also FM global certified and CFR Title 21 certified, allowing for indirect food contact.


The IDI / Axios pallet is lighter, stronger, and has a longer use life than traditional pallets, and provides a secure way to embed the RFID chip integral to their superior tracking system right into the part. The superior pallet and Axios’ system allows its users to track and prevent lost assets throughout the entire supply chain resulting in less shrinkage. All of this adds up to a lower cost of ownership, lower cost per trip due to lighter loads and lower fuel costs and a higher ROI for their customers.

Advanced Thermoset Composite Pallet

High Strength Thermoset Composite Pallet
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