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Case Study

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Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA), the seventh-largest automaker in the world, designs, engineers, manufactures and sells passenger cars, light commercial vehicles, components and production systems worldwide. YAPP USA Automotive Systems, Inc. is a world class, Tier 1 automotive supplier specializing in design, engineering and manufacturing of automotive fuel system solutions. Comoldco specializes in quality compression molding of reinforced thermoset materials. IDI Composites International and their 3i Composite Technology Center were contacted to formulate a compound that would replace a traditional metal material to meet the demanding applications required by an impact / heat shield on various models of passengers cars.


Working together in a collaborative effort, IDI customized and tested a line of IDI’s thermoset composites that could replace and outperform the traditional material being used. They selected a Sheet Molding Compound (SMC) due to its superior flow properties and moldability along with several other chemical properties and unique performance characteristics that were engineered into the formula. The resulting impact shield offers superior corrosion resistance and is lighter weight than metal, and can withstand the high temperature environment it will be used in while maintaining excellent impact resistance.


Through a joint effort utilizing IDI’s state-of-the-art testing, prototyping and manufacturing capabilities, the resulting part was a dynamic, low density, high strength and lightweight conversion from traditional materials, such as metal, and incorporates the high performance of thermoset composite materials.

Advanced Thermoset Heat Shield

Thermoset Composite Automotive Impact Shield
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