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IDI Maintains Their 5 Star AchieveWELL Designation

Awarded by the Wellness Council of Indiana, it is with great pleasure to announce that IDI Composites International / Noblesville has received the 5 Star AchieveWELL Designation again for 2021, The Wellness Council of Indiana is a subsidiary of the Indiana Chamber of Commerce and is dedicated to improving workplace and community well-being in Indiana.

We should be proud of our achievement and the progress made regarding wellness, but we all realize that our work is not finished. We will strive to continue supporting our employees in their health and well-being journey.

AchieveWELL is a strategic process that provides a road map to the destination of a well workplace and recognizes excellence in the field of health promotion. The Wellness Council of Indiana developed AchieveWELL to assist employers in creating a corporate culture that encourages and supports employee health through worksite wellness initiatives.

AchieveWELL meets organizations where they are and guides them to the next level of wellness by using tools, templates and personal coaching to help deliver a comprehensive and consistent workplace wellness initiative.

The Five Star level of AchieveWELL evaluates how IDI has cultivated a culture of wellness throughout the organization.

Five Star AchieveWELL Requirements:

  1. Five years of continuous program activity

  2. Written narrative highlighting evolution of wellness initiative

  3. Demonstrated proof of community involvement beyond financial support

  4. Demonstrated movement from extrinsic motivation-based programming to intrinsic motivation-based business alignment and results initiatives

  5. Proof that wellness is part of the company culture

  6. Evidence of senior leader involvement, beyond just financial support

  7. All Four Star criteria must be satisfied

  8. All Three Star criteria must be satisfied

Four Star AchieveWELL Requirements:

  1. Demonstrated proof of specific program(s) addressing chronic disease management issues

  2. Demonstrated proof that wellness initiative is focused on all dimensions of well-being and not exclusively on reducing costs

  3. Must have a minimum of five programmed activities for employees ongoing throughout the year

  4. Demonstrated evidence of community involvement

  5. Documentation of increased awareness toward safety, ergonomics and/or corporate risk mitigation

  6. Must show proof of start date of wellness initiative and have completed 24 months of continuous program activity

  7. Onsite evaluation will be conducted and the workplace wellness assessment will be the guideline for the evaluation.

Three Star AchieveWELL Requirements:

  1. Gaining leadership support

  2. Forming your wellness team

  3. Measuring what matters

  4. Making data driven decisions

  5. Integrating wellness with your organization’s mission and vision

  6. Develop your operating plan

  7. Create your communication strategy

  8. Optimize rewards

  9. Align wellness with safety and injury prevention

  10. Promote a responsible, accountable and supportive environment

See our Wellness Journey Whitepaper that was submitted as part of the 5 star application process.

To discuss IDI's program or for additional questions, contact Alex DeSantis.

For Additional Information on the Wellness Council of Indiana click the link below.

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