Questions about Thermoset Composites?

The Production Team At IDI Composites International

Custom chemistry developed to exacting specifications to meet demanding applications requires a team of top-tier professionals. We would like to introduce the IDI Composites International Production Team, whose superior attention to detail helps ensure the Thermoset Molding Compounds we deliver continue to make us the worldwide industry leader.

IDI Composites International Production Team

Our state-of-the art facilities combined with stringent quality control standards and advanced manufacturing technologies blend together to create a number of advantages that give composite materials and components advantages over more traditional metals and other materials, including:

  • Excellent Strength to Weight Properties

  • Significant Weight Reduction

  • Part Consolidation & Complex Molding Options

  • Heat & Corrosion Resistant

  • Low Shrink

  • Low Profile - Zero Shrink

  • Low Smoke & Flame Spread

  • UV Stable

  • Dielectric & Flame Resistant

  • Electrical Insulators & Flame Resistant

Founded in 1966, IDI Composites International is approaching 50 years of innovation in the development and manufacturing of Thermoset Molding Compounds for a variety of applications for the world's leading companies. IDI Composites International - Ideas For Meaningful Results.