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IDI Composites International Completes Tank Farm Expansion To Continue To Deliver Quality Assurance To Global Customers.

IDI Composites International North American Headquarters recently completed a major commitment to operational excellence by expanding the capacity of their resin materials tank farm to continue to meet industry demand for their composite materials.

The tank farm expansion and associated facility process improvements will enable IDI to continue to deliver the industry’s highest standards for quality control and quality assurance for manufacturing molding compounds and composite materials.

The project was led by IDI's process engineering manager, Mark Stephenson, who explains “This is an example of our long-term commitment to our customers, employees and the composites industry. The tank farm expansion was essential to support our market development into our new advanced product platforms like Flamevex, Alluralite, Fortium and Ultrium.”

Flamevex, Alluralite, Fortium and Ultrium are distinct composite materials with custom performance characteristics designed to serve specific industry needs such as high flame retardancy for battery covers in electric vehicles (EV) and new energy vehicles (NEV) markets, external automotive appearance grades, high strength and impact resistance and carbon fiber composites (more information available at

The tank farm expansion project is an example of the ongoing and strong support of IDI management to the composites industry through continued investment in their North American manufacturing facility. Increasing capabilities helps IDI better serve customers through “world class” manufacturing and is proof of their desire to aggressively pursue new markets and new customers with innovative materials to go beyond the value limitations of conventional materials.

"We cannot underestimate the effect that these investments have on the overall morale of our employees, and the composites industry." Stephenson states. "All employees want to see progress in their workplace. Projects like these help reinforce the commitment of ownership and management not only to our customers and markets served, but also to our employees who come to work every day, especially in these difficult times."

About IDI Composites International
IDI Composites International (IDI) is the premier global custom formulator and manufacturer of thermoset molding compounds and composites for OEMs and molders. The company provides customized polyester/vinyl ester-based bulk molding compounds (BMC), sheet molding compounds (SMC), and a new line of Structural Thermoset Composites (STC®) that are manufactured in both sheet and bulk forms for the most demanding applications. IDI has manufacturing facilities in The United States, France, Puerto Rico, China and Mexico.

IDI Tank Farm Expansion

IDI Tank Farm Expansion