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Structural Thermoset Composites

Structural Thermoset Composites Tackle the World's Most Demanding Applications

structural thermosets in the alternative energy marketIDI’s Structural Thermoset Composites, called Ultrium and Fortium, are attractive alternatives to metals and thermoplastics in a wide range of industries in which materials are placed under severe stress and/or environmental conditions. Structural thermosets excel in applications that require resistance to high heat and chemicals, superior dielectric properties, and exceptional durability and strength. Custom formulations of Structural Thermoset Composites can be created to optimize material characteristics for a specific market and application.

Below is a list of some innovative markets that are discovering the benefits of STC® Fortium and Ultrium

Military & Aerospace

Structural Thermoset Comosites For Military And Aerospace

IDI's engineered composites, called Structural Thermoset Composites, provide dimensional control, resistance to corrosive elements and high temperatures, and a superior strength-to-weight ratio, making them ideal for Military & Aerospace markets.


Structural Thermoset Comosites For Transportation

Structural Thermoset Composites are the clear choice over thermoplastics and metals for Heavy Truck, Rapid Transit, and Railway markets. These high-performance composites provide dimensional stability, superior strength-to-weight ratio, high temperature resistance, and reduced manufacturing cycle time.


structural thermosets in the electrical market

IDI's Structural Thermoset Composites possess high strength, corrosion resistance, superior dielectric properties, and high temperature resistance which is ideal for the Electrical market.

Oil & Gas

structural thermosets in the oil and gas market

With excellent load bearing capabilities, as well as corrosion resistance and dielectric strength, Structural Thermoset Composites, are the right choice for the oil and gas market and any heavy industrial applications..


structural thermosets in the safety market

Structural Thermoset Composites, are temperature resistant, fire retardant, and provide superior strength-to-weight ratio. in addition, they generate low smoke and toxicity, possess dimensional stability, high impact resistance, corrosion resistance, excellent dielectric properties, RFI/EMI/ESD protection, and are capable of providing molded-in color.


structural thermosets in the medical market

X-ray equipment components, instrumentation covers and bases, biohazard receptacles, and prosthetics are just a few of the many medical applications that benefit from the use of IDI's new fiber reinforced composite materials, called Structural Thermoset Composites.

Alternative Energy

structural thermosets in the alternative-energy market

Wind, Solar, and Fuel Cell markets all require high performance composite materials that will not warp or deteriorate during long-term exposure to the sun and other natural elements. Structural Thermoset Composites provide these attributes in such applications as solar power tiles, wind turbine blades, and fuel cell bipolar plates and end panels.


structural thermosets in the marine market

Structural Thermoset Composites provide corrosion resistance, low water absorption, and superior strength-to-weight ratio in environments where metals will rust and other plastics and composites deteriorate. Structural Thermoset Composites retain their structural and cosmetic properties despite moisture, chemicals, heat, and the corrosive effects of sun and salt.

Composites Perform

Low Density

High Strength

Low Shrink

Dimensional Stability


UV Stability & Colorfast

Low Flame & Smoke Toxicity

Corrosion Resistance

Dielectric & Flame Resistance