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The IDI 3i Composites Technology Center Services & Capabilities

The 3i Composites Technology Center is fully equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and technology to partner with OEMs and channel partners to streamline and efficiently manage the breakthrough cycle for the formulation, testing and manufacturing of 21st century composite materials.

Our team of highly trained scientists, chemists and engineers work with customers to address their specific issues and needs in order to formulate new and innovative composite materials. Our service and capability offerings are customized, but center around the following core services:

  • Material chemistry and formulation development

  • Part prototyping & testing

  • Materials conversion analysis

  • Material development and testing:

    Physical Properties

    • Flexural, Tensile, Impact & Compression Performance

    • Physical property measurements at elevated and sub-ambient temperatures

    • Compositional analysis by Infrared spectrophotometry & elemental analysis

    • Wide range of analytical & evaluative ASTM methods available

    Electrical Properties

    Instrumentation for measurement of:

    • Dielectric Strength

    • Arc Resistance

    • Surface conductivity

    • Incline plane tracking

    Flame Resistance

    • Composites evaluated for compliance to a variety of Underwriters Laboratory (UL) flame standards including HB, V-0 & 5V

    U.V. Resistance

    • Colorimeter for measurement of molded-in color

    • Colorfastness & UV resistance analysis by QUV or Xenon Weatherometer

  • Consulting

    • Comparative materials analysis

    • Physical performance

    • Application review

    • Development of unique composite systems

  • Tooling and manufacturing sourcing support

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