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Product & Material Development

The 3i Composites Technology Center is dedicated to the development of materials that exceed the limitations of conventional materials to deliver meaningful results to our customers. We're working with familiar and experimental resins, reinforcements, fillers and techniques, to produce formulas that push the limits of thermoset composites to new levels, exhibiting outstanding performance characteristics across a wide range of metrics.

We are advancing our expertise in:

  • Carbon fiber composite epoxies for lighter weight options

  • Benzoxazine composites for high temperature applications

  • Hybrid resins and reinforcements for higher strength materials

  • Thermally conductive composites

  • Eco-friendly natural fibers

  • Non-volatile pre-pregs

Carbon Fiber Thermosets

Our 3i product line contains a line of products that include carbon fiber.

Carbon Fiber Mat SMC
Carbon Fiber SMC
STC Materials Strength and Stiffnes Chart
STC Materials Stiffnes to Weight Chart